Publication Gothic Beauty Magazine

Recently I have been interviewed for Gothic Beauty Magazine!
Here is the link to the issue:

Here below is the full interview. 

As full credits were left out, I will add them here:
Left picture pg 1:
Photo and post editing / manipulation: Frank Wiersema Photography
Model: Kari Autumn
Makeup & hair: Niki de Graaff
Concept and gown: Somnia Romantica

Right picture pg 1:
Photography: Sheridan's Art
Model: La Dutchessa
Jewellery: CU Nature
Headpiece: Candice Angelini
Gown: Somnia Romantica

Picture left page 2:
Photography: Henk van Rijssen
Model: Myrna Moonstruck
Gown: Somnia Romantica


Note: In the interview it states that Somnia Romantica is a team of 3. This is not entirely true, Somnia Romantica is still for 95% a one woman label. Miranda was my intern past spring for 4,5 months. We had an awesome time and learned much from eachother. Julia comes twice a month to my workspace to assist and to learn. Here are links to their accounts:
Modelling page Myrna Moonstruck:
Design Page Mundura:
Julia on Instagram:

May you have any questions or comments regarding the interview feel free to share them here or to mail me!


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