Made in September :)


It is the start of a new month! All new pieces I made will be uploaded here for all of October. The September pieces migrated to my Etsy shop.

It will take a little time, I hope to have everything uploaded today, otherwise stay tuned for a little while!

Having a 6 months old kid in the house seriously takes its toll on my online presence. Slowly but surely I learn to find a new rythm. Hopefully I will get better at dividing my time, efficiency and so on. But I think that will have to wait until Ezra sleeps through the night ^^

Anyhow, I made 2 gowns (red & dusty pink), 3 long robes (greygreen, black and ivory), 2 capelets (black), 4 shrugs (black, ivory) (one is sold before it made it to my website) and a cape-dress-thingy (black) this month. Enjoy :)


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