Made in October, online in November!

Hello again,

It is the start of a new month! All new pieces I made will be uploaded here for all of November. The October pieces migrated to my Etsy shop.

It will take some time, I hope to have everything uploaded this weekend, otherwise stay tuned for a little while!

Having a 7 months old kid by now, all is well. But time is short!

This month has been rather colourful. I had some gorgeous fabrics on my shelf that needed to be made into something. I was waiting for the 100 % perfect match in lace trims, but decided to combine them with black or cream, which atually turned out pretty nice. Added I made some pieces with incorporated capes, a true plus size shrug and some just cute little somethings :) Below you can see all the previews!


Marjolein TurinComment