All you need to know until the end of 2018!

Hello Everyone!

Sooo, as I have been busy with a big addition to my online existence, which I will post about below, November has almost no time left to make new creations. Therefore I decided that I will post all I have in my Etsy shop and fill this shop again from the new year on!

Added to that I made a big decision: To add creative supplies to my shop. Over the years I have gotten countless questions about where I get my laces and other materials from. As nowadays with a little son, time for sewing is limited and life got more expensive, this is a great way to expand my little business with a complementary collection of creative supplies. Of course there will be an abolute emphasis on lace :)

The materials that I will be selling, will mainly come from Dutch wholesales and Markets, which do not sell online. I have a few gems, who sell both high quality new laces and also vintage laces.
Like my favourite wholesale, who often buys all the collection from physical shops that quit. Or my second favourite wholesale, who has lots and lots of French laces. Or my favourite market stand, who purchases bit lots from old shops etc, his collections are part mediocre, part just nice and part plain gems.

To start this whole project and to make space in my work space, I went through all of my materials and anything that I am not planning on doing something with very soon, is made ready for selling. Assorted fabric scraps, assorted lace scraps or laces that are not going to be featured in a nearby design. The result of this project can be found here:

Fabric scraps:

From today until Christmas, I will be making new designs again, which will be launched just before Christmas.

Wishing you all wonderful holidays!


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