Hello Again!


Hello everyone,

After almost 6 months of maternity leave I am back in business. I gave birth to a healthy son, Ezra. We feel blessed. Recovery however was intense and took longer than expected. By now I am doing well again and I am happy to be creating pieces again.

The past months I have been making some new outfits of which you can see previews here above. For the time to come, I will be making more new pieces. As time is limited with a 4 months old kid, I will not do any fashion shows or self organized photoshoots for at least this year, but probably also for a good part of 2019. I may lend some pieces for shoots, further my main focus will be (apart from my family!) to create many beautiful new pieces.

All pieces will be one or few of a kind, with no possibility for custom (fit-) orders. I will vary the size, more new pieces in L and XL will also be made soon! Please consider that I am just a one person fashion label, so I can’t offer a big range of sizes and styles.

I will put everything I have online in my Etsy shop in the coming few days. Part of the older pieces will go into a sale, as I need room in my closet! After this reopening, I am anticipating on doing a monthly (or at first twice a month) launch of new pieces.

The plan for the rest of 2018 is to make mainly dresses of all sorts, waistcoats and shrugs. Some will be made by 3-5 pieces in a range of sizes, many will be one of a kind, in a set size.

Last, but not least, there will be an abundance of lace of course!

Glad to be back!


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