Somnia Romantica 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

Plans for 2019:

Fashion designs general:
In all of 2019 the main focus will be on dresses, from mini to wedding gown. Added to this I will be making shrugs, robes, waistcoats, capes and capelets.

Everything will be made as one or few of a kind, without the possibility to place a custom order. There is simply no time for this service being a one person fashion label with a little kid. Added to that I always found it quite stressful to give this service, I work best with an open agenda. Also, I always got way too many requests, which made it impossible to decide who to make something for and who not :o Thank you for understanding!

The style will on one hand be Art Nouveau inspired pieces with lots of lace details, but otherwise clean lines. On the other hand I will be making some very theatrical pieces. The main focus for materials will be on lace, but there will also be more opaque pieces. For lace fabric I have found an awesome new supplier, can’t wait to purchase from them (midnight blue with bronze lace anyone?) :)

Finally I will put my beautiful embroidery machine to good use! In 2018, being pregnant and surviving & enjoying the first 9 months with a little son, there was simply no time to explore this new area. In 2019 I will certainly add many designs with (often self designed) embroidery to my collections.

In 2019 I will be adding more and more supplies to the shops. I have some awesome lace suppliers who are not online, I look forwards to share their pieces with you!

In 2019 I will be making more art work. If I think it is good enough, you will find it on my pages. Amongst other things I will be making design drawings in ink with water colour.

Social Media:
This year I will start my Youtube channel! More about this in a next blog. I hope to launch it within January. Further I will keep on posting on Instagram, Tumblr, Deviantart and Facebook. I will probably close my pinterest account, or at least take my own pieces down, as you apparently give permission to copy the pieces with you upload them there.. I have enough copycats already and do not wish to encourage this :o

Webshops, Etsy and on my homepage:
The plan is:
On both shops you will find the main collection of designs.
On both shops you will find lace that I have available in large quantities.

On my homepage new items will be launched one month earlier than on Etsy.
On Etsy only you will find all Clearance items, both designs and supplies.

Personal life:
We as a family are doing well! Ezra is 9 months old by now and he is a curious, active and friendly little chap :) He is standing, going through the whole house, babbling all the time. I could go on, but this is a fashion blog, not a babyblog…! My husband and I are looking forward to the new year, both on personal level and on a professional & creative level.

If you have any question feel free to comment or to email me!

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