July, it is almost Halloween! Many announcements this month.

Hello everyone!

I am excited to be back in action again after a short holiday and some much needed time off to reorganize my workspace.

There are many plans and announcements to make. The first one is to reveil my design plans!

From this very moment on there is a very clear focus for my collections for the rest of the year.


…will be all dedicated to my Halloween collections! This collection will be full on gothic novel inspired fashion. Most of the collection will be black, but there will be room for embroidery in red and deep purple. There will also be some light pieces, made almost entirely out of vintage materials in powdery shades.

Added to this I will update my Youtube channel soon and

For November there will be a very special project, which I will reveil in one of my next blogs.

Added I will dedicate all October and November to my christmas collection. Again many dresses, this time with more emphasis on the Art Nouveau and 30’s inspired pieces and formal wear.

Last but not least, December will be one of those months where I clean up my workspace, making a variation of pieces out of the fabrics and materials that I bought over the year that I *had* to have, but did not fit any collection (for example beautiful dark blue and dark purple laces).

So, stay tuned, much more announcements to do and information to give!

Best wishes,

Rough first sketches for Halloween moodboard and a peek into my reorganized storage space with lots of vintage lace .