Pregnancy Announcement!

The first half of 2018 you will hear a bit less from me when it comes to new fashion designs. The reason is a happy one:

I am almost 34 weeks pregnant and all is going well!

 Soon I will go with self proclaimed maternity leave.

In the weeks to come I will finish and list my last pieces before the sabbatical starts. Some pieces for my mini collection 2018 to be found under the tab SS2018, some extra pieces for the Etsy shop (where all pieces other than the mini collection are listed).

After this I will keep my shop open as much as possible, my sweet husband will post packages!

By the start of the summer I will be back to create new pieces again!

During the maternity leave I won't sit completely still. To stay updated about all plans and developments, you can follow me here, on my social media pages and on

Thank you all for taking interest in my work, it is always much, much appreciated!


Marjolein TurinComment