Maternity Leave, webshop information

The maternity leave has started!

The webshop here will be temporarily offline. During my maternity leave the Etsy shop will also close for a little while. After that all of my pieces will be stored in the Etsy for as long as the leave takes (approximately end of June).

After the leave some exciting plans for the new collections of Somnia Romantica will be revealed. Whenever I can I will post updates here or on my social media channels.

For all links, see:

Picture below was taken at 7,5 months by:

I'm looking forward to the rest of this year!


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Pregnancy Announcement!

The first half of 2018 you will hear a bit less from me when it comes to new fashion designs. The reason is a happy one:

I am almost 34 weeks pregnant and all is going well!

 Soon I will go with self proclaimed maternity leave.

In the weeks to come I will finish and list my last pieces before the sabbatical starts. Some pieces for my mini collection 2018 to be found under the tab SS2018, some extra pieces for the Etsy shop (where all pieces other than the mini collection are listed).

After this I will keep my shop open as much as possible, my sweet husband will post packages!

By the start of the summer I will be back to create new pieces again!

During the maternity leave I won't sit completely still. To stay updated about all plans and developments, you can follow me here, on my social media pages and on

Thank you all for taking interest in my work, it is always much, much appreciated!


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New items for mini collection SS2018

For the mini collection SS2018 5 items are up by now. Two more items will be added, a light top and a light little shrug. After that it will be some time before new items will be added. I will place later today the reason why!

For this mini collection, see "Shop SS 2018"

For all items not belonging to this mini collection, see my Etsy shop.

Just a kind reminder, unfortunately I am not available for custom (-fit) orders!

Best wishes,


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SS 2018 mini collection is being set up!

The new mini collection for this first part of the year is taking form. The first piece is up, here I will talk about what you can expect in the following months:

A romantic mini collection in two shades: black and off white/cream.

It will consist of:

*Separates and accessories, all made in small quantities (3 - 5 items per design)

Added to this I will be making gowns in black, off white/cream and when I get my hand on the right materials deep red and dusty pink. Two of these gowns will be made in February/March. After that it will take a little time before new items appear, why will be clarified in the next blog!

To stay updated, you can follow my Instagram, Facebook other social media and of course the blogs here and on!

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Publication Gothic Beauty Magazine

Recently I have been interviewed for Gothic Beauty Magazine!
Here is the link to the issue:

Here below is the full interview. 

As full credits were left out, I will add them here:
Left picture pg 1:
Photo and post editing / manipulation: Frank Wiersema Photography
Model: Kari Autumn
Makeup & hair: Niki de Graaff
Concept and gown: Somnia Romantica

Right picture pg 1:
Photography: Sheridan's Art
Model: La Dutchessa
Jewellery: CU Nature
Headpiece: Candice Angelini
Gown: Somnia Romantica

Picture left page 2:
Photography: Henk van Rijssen
Model: Myrna Moonstruck
Gown: Somnia Romantica


Note: In the interview it states that Somnia Romantica is a team of 3. This is not entirely true, Somnia Romantica is still for 95% a one woman label. Miranda was my intern past spring for 4,5 months. We had an awesome time and learned much from eachother. Julia comes twice a month to my workspace to assist and to learn. Here are links to their accounts:
Modelling page Myrna Moonstruck:
Design Page Mundura:
Julia on Instagram:

May you have any questions or comments regarding the interview feel free to share them here or to mail me!


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Welcome to my blog!

On this blog you will stay updated on all about Somnia Romantica! 

For my personal page with all about my fashion designs, illustrations and interest, see
All posts about Somnia Romantica will be posted both there and here.

A blog spreading awareness about compagnies copying my designs is kept here:

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Feel always free to contact me if you have questions left on !


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