Wish, my Manes gown all over internet....

So, this gown which I made only once and was bought by an awesome customer as wedding dress, was doing pretty well on Instagram and other social media. Unfortunately that seems to be a trigger for other some compagnies to steal a photo to sell the piece as their own. This has now happened and the advert seems to be all over the place, as I have already been contacted about 5 times by customers and friends.. Here you go:




Although nobody could expect to get what you see in this case, I still like to share it to spread awareness. Wish is full of this copied pictures of designers, to sell cheap knock offs if anything. 
In this case the lace on one sleeve end is worth more than the price they offer the whole dress for!

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Not the happiest subject, but important. This blog is about spreading awareness. 

The two current main copiers of my work are Punkrave and Lace Garden. They are both sold on countless places.

I will let the photos speak for itself:


My original designs on the left, their versions on the right. They did this with several designs, all designs which happened to be populair images of mine in sites like pinterest and high in google search and all published one or two years before theur versions popped up. 
I have no problem with inspired by. But this goes one step further than that.

So, on to Lace Garden. Top, my original design, bottom their 'copy'. They didn't even try to bother making a copy on many occasions, they just stole the photos at first and made copies after that.

Mind you, many of these pieces were one of a kind pieces, sold to customers as such. So, this gown or blouse which was supposed to be the only one, is now produced in a cheap version by hundreds. 
Left alone the sometimes cringeworthy copies, like this...

sale lolita ripp offs.jpg

For now I will leave it at this, I think it gives a good impression. I have tried things, some things work, like writing a site several times to ask to take it down, like I did with Victorian choice. They took my pieces off their site, hooray for them!! But it costs a lot of time and effort.

So, spreading awareness is my second best way of countering this. Be welcome to comment, share or to just spread the word!

Also feel free to contact me whenever you see a clear copy of my work, I always appreciate it very much when someone does that!

Thank you for reading this!


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